Electric Vehicles are the way of the future.

Yet, they present non-trivial planning and scheduling requirements such as charging times, location and battery levels into account. Otherwise, sub-optimal plans will require additional vehicles and drivers, requiring the addition of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles to preserve capacity. This is where Optibus comes in handy, with specialized Electric Vehicle Scheduling, reflecting all EV-specific metrics, based on our real-life experience.

The only scheduling and planning platform to support Electric Vehicle needs.

Easily define charging times, locations and minimum battery levels and immediately get a schedule that’s optimized for electric vehicles. We’ll also support you with Optibus best practices and Optibus Customer Success resources.

Optimizing schedules for Electric Vehicles makes it easier to operate EV routes, meet regulatory requirements and bid for new EV business.

Why use Optibus for Electric Vehicles?

  • Easily express rules and preferences related to battery use, charging requirements and more
  • Insight into required vehicles, drivers and cost
  • Valulable access to Optibus Customer Success personnel and best practices
  • Integrate with and iterate based on EV battery and AVL data