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ITS International: Optibus report: look after passengers

Passenger experience, real-time information, driver satisfaction, electrification and cost savings are the key priorities for the public transportation sector this year. These are the standout findings from a new eBook from Optibus called "Focus on the People: Top 5 Public Transportation Industry and Technology Trends for 2023."

Podcast: No Limits: A New Era of start-ups

Tamar Uriel-Beeri, managing editor of, discusses the experiences and challenges of developing a successful company with Gideon Argov, managing partner of New Era Capital Partners, and Amos Haggiag, CEO and cofounder of Optibus.

Geektime: The Brain Behind Smart Cities

With cities around the world setting ambitious carbon emissions targets and passing legislation to spur movement toward sustainability, the stage is set to reinvent the modern city.

NOAH22 Zurich presentation

Optibus CEO and co-founder Amog Haggiag presented at the 2022 NOAH conference in Zurich under the new unicorn category.
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