Vehicle and Crew Scheduling

Blocking and runcutting for better operations and lower costs

Optibus uses advanced optimization algorithms and machine learning to help the world’s leading transit providers better run mass-transportation.

Our disruptive technology makes bus scheduling so much easier. It drives some of the most complex and large-scale transit operations worldwide, improving quality of service, efficiency, and streamlining operations. We plan and schedule the movements of every driver and vehicle, discover the best option and reduce costs.

Optibus' Scheduling product makes it easy to create optimal schedules based on your desired rules and union guidelines

Super speeds

Optibus crew and vehicle optimizations run in seconds to minutes, not hours or days. As a result, you can run multiple scenarios and choose the best ones. Our technology not only expedites the entire bus scheduling process but it allows you to check the impact using the constantly updated business results.

High quality

The ability to reflect rules and constraints (such as relief vehicles, break preferences and more) means that the resulting schedules are high quality, in terms of results (as well as quality daily driver duties). You can also take advantage of Optibus recommendations and warnings when you use our interactive manual editing.

All at once

The ability to optimize vehicles and drivers (and even relief cars) at the same time, means that vehicle blocks are created to support better driver duties and vice versa. With the addition of relief vehicles into the mix, better schedules are created, in less time and at lower costs.

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