Tackling the Driver Shortage

How to Create Schedules that Attract and Retain Drivers and Increase Driver Happiness Driver shortages have been a growing problem across the globe for quite some time, and the pandemic has exacerbated an already troubling situation. This in-depth guide is intended to help your organization learn how to tackle driver shortages head-on — with solutions…
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Winning Back Ridership in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Proving that mass transit can be safe and reliable is more critical than ever in winning over passengers.   One year following the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, health concerns and new commuting habits continue to threaten the transportation industry and its campaign to revive ridership. Addressing passengers’ fears about infection, social distancing and transmissions…
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Planning and Scheduling for Electric Vehicles

The electrification of public transportation may be slow, but it’s bound to happen. All over the world, cities and governments look to electric vehicles in public transportation to reduce pollution and make cities cleaner. Major capitals are creating ultra low-emission zones or requiring full electrification of public transportation in the future.
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Scenarios Are King: Scheduling & Planning For The Social Distancing Era

In the past several months, public transportation is facing a staggering amount of uncertainty. First, services were cut and ridership dropped. Then restrictions were eased and service changed some more. Funding, ridership and additional factors turned what was once a stable operation into a service that changes all the time. In this new world, agencies and operators must come to terms with a new reality: the reality of multiple scenarios.
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