Optibus Operations

Future-proof operations software, to help you make better decisions in real time

Your buses and drivers operate in real time. Introducing the first depot allocations system (DAS) that does the same.

With Optibus Operations, you can easily manage, analyze, and validate all your operations in one convenient place. From real-time driver allocation to predictive alerts, it helps you ensure that your optimized schedules stay intact, while saving significant time, effort, and headache.
View all your drivers for each given day (sorted by start time), track driver sign-on/off in real time, and get real-time alerts regarding any problems and/or delays. This allows you to solve any issues right away, and easily record your changes in one centralized system.
Manage driver and vehicle records, with detailed databases that include personal and technical information, tracking availability, and scheduled events. Our driver database integrates directly with HR systems, and our vehicle database integrates with your fleet management system.
Easily view and keep track of drivers’ hours, and record schedule changes right away. Our Flexible Payroll Engine instantly creates detailed payroll results — helping you ensure accuracy, handle complex payroll scenarios, and even view cost predictions for future planned work.

Custom reporting and preferences

Export reports on cost analysis, exceptions, events, and savings to share with stakeholders — with custom rules and formulas to calculate stats, codes, and preferences for different workflows (e.g. global holidays for driver groups).

Driver Platform

Our next-generation Driver Platform helps you communicate and engage with your drivers. Through our simple, user-friendly interface, your drivers can interact with the Operations platform from anywhere — all from within their pocket.

Endless integrations, all in one place

With our Integration Hub, you can seamlessly mitigate all your data in one system — saving you time and reducing room for error. You can communicate plans to all the other data systems you use (CAD/AVL, vehicle tracking, etc.), or pull location and trip progress data for more accurate, data-driven decisions.

Long-term planning

Dynamically plan your upcoming work weeks by importing rosters, assigning drivers to roster lines (with validations and recommendations), and deploying the work plan to the calendar. You can even add rules for drivers that can’t make a certain time, and our algorithm factors that in.

Automatic validations and recommendations

Optibus Operations constantly monitors changes and events, offering performance KPIs, plus automatic validations and recommendations based on rules, cost, suitability, and preferences. If an assignment breaks the rules, it can either flag it or prevent allocation — and the effects of any changes can be seen in your KPIs right away.

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