Optibus Operations

One future-proof solution for all your real time, real-world operations

Your buses and drivers operate in real time. Introducing the first depot allocations system (DAS) that does the same.

Based on extensive research and testing from customers around the world, Optibus Operations has been built from the ground up, and is tailor made to solve your greatest challenges. 

We’re reshaping the industry, with a product that’s constantly advancing to support all your operational needs today, as well as those on the road ahead.

Optibus Operations empowers you to:

Track drivers and vehicles in real time, and see who’s working each day. You can even swap or assign missing drivers, based on suitability.

 Easily access and manage essential information such as contact details, licensing, union membership, route preferences, and more.

Our dynamic, flexible payroll automatically reflects drivers’ attendance in real time, with the ability to make manual changes right away, or even calculate future work.

Export custom reports.

Share detailed reports with stakeholders on performance, cost savings, and events, with custom rules to calculate stats, driver preferences, and more.

Connect with your drivers.

With our simple, user-friendly Driver Platform, you can interact and engage with drivers via their mobile devices from anywhere, anytime.

Integrate with ease.

Seamlessly integrate with all the systems and protocols you use today, including CAD/AVL, HR, fleet management, and your entire operational database.

Plan for the long-term.

Effortlessly plan upcoming work weeks by importing rosters, assigning drivers to roster lines, and deploying plans to the calendar.

Guarantee compliance.

Ensure compliance with rules and regulations, with automatic validations and suggestions based on cost, suitability, rules, and your selected preferences.

Optibus Operations helps you:

With our automated solutions (instead of manual, labor-intensive ones) you’ll increase efficiency, reduce room for error, and save substantial costs.

Spend less time putting out fires, and more time focused on making data-driven decisions and proactively planning for what’s ahead.

Your drivers and passengers deserve a stellar experience. Our driver-centric solution helps routes run more smoothly, so you can provide an optimal experience for them both.

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