Planning for Mass Transport

Create efficient routes and timetables

Better Transit, from Routes to Rosters

Using Optibus, you can easily import data and begin route planning or modifications with unprecedented ease and accuracy, from maps to satellite and street views, with an integrated timetable that builds rapidly and is validated. Optibus Planning is integrated with scheduling and rosters, ensuring quick work on a holistic and cloud-native platform that reduces error and improves output.

Route Planning

Quick, Visual and Seamless

Using a combination of map, satellite and street level pictures lets planners visualize routes quickly and effectively, from scratch or through an import of GTFS, TransXChange or other data. You can verify bus stop locations, check their picture, adjust their location or “drop” a checkpoint so that the system will automatically create an optimal route passing through it.

Bringing Data to Life with the Geospatial Suite

Use geospatial data to build transit networks that make crucial geographic information an integrated part of the route-planning process, taking the entire community into account and promoting transit equity. Visualize custom map layers like bike paths, rail networks and schools while planning your routes, and see how route changes will affect residents living along those routes.

Rapid Scenario Creation

Powered by next-generation software, the planning process takes a fraction of the time traditionally required for planning, and as a result you can create multiple scenarios in minutes. With Optibus business metrics, you can easily understand and communicate the business impact of any route change, and better optimize costs in the scheduling and rostering phases.


Work Better

Quickly define your transit network (upload files, too) and understand the impact it has on your service levels and resources. Easily understand and implement changes, set routes, timetables, service IDs and build stops, timepoints, patterns and checkpoints.


Get Business Visibility

Understand the impact of planning and timetables on service quality and operating costs. Each change you make is immediately expressed in business metrics so you can easily evaluate scenarios, their costs and efficiency KPIs and make the correct trade-offs.

Better Plans = Better Scheduling

With built-in validation, the Optibus platform ensures the quality of your plans and timetables by automatically highlighting which plan elements aren’t valid in accordance to the rules and constraints you have defined. The result is higher quality plans that make the ensuing scheduling process simpler and easier.

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