Digitization through Optibus helped New Lantao Bus (1973) Ltd. to create more efficient driver shifts that generated around $130K USD in annual savings.
Optibus spoke to George Burton, Network Performance Manager at First Bus, about his job and the role technology plays in helping his team work
When PTAs and PTOs use the same system for planning and scheduling, it enhances communication, collaboration, and service quality. This case study examines how
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Viação Alvorada recently won a tender to operate bus transportation in Lisbon. Within three months of using Optibus, they saved over €600,000, became
Overview In consultation with GoMetro, the University of Cape Town (UCT) Shuttle transitioned their manual planning and scheduling processes to Optibus’ cloud-native, AI-powered software
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Overview The operator [driver] shortage has led to large-scale service cancellations and delays and increased pressure on drivers, agencies, and operators. To better manage