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Optibus Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

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How the transportation industry can make the most of 2021

It’s no secret that 2020 was a challenging year for the transportation industry. What should we expect from 2021, both globally and locally? And what can we do now to prepare for a better year ahead? Join this live webinar on Jan. 21 for a Q&A with our panelists. The panel will feature: Leon Daniels…
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Rotas (Rosters) Can Get Complex. Here’s How to Simplify Them.

You already know that using rotating rotas (or rosters) is an effective way to be fair and equitable to drivers, since drivers rotate through each roster line and each have the same workweeks at different times. Plus it’s easier to assign duties to drivers when multiple drivers can be slotted in. But what happens when complexities creep in?
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How to Measure and Improve the Efficiency of Your Fixed-Route Service

There is no one golden rule of operational efficiency, but improving it can have many benefits. In this webinar we discuss: How to measure transit operations efficiency The importance of focusing on passenger service Using agency and operator cooperation to increase efficiency Iterating on the timetable Checking labor rule variations & rosters Relief, mid-day parking…
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What You Need to Know About Electric Bus Scheduling and Operations

Electric vehicles are a new technology that presents public transportation agencies and operators with a host of new challenges and questions about maintenance, utility charges, planning and scheduling. Are you interested in learning more about electric vehicles? If so, then watch this webinar to hear: You will learn: Key planning considerations How to increase utilization…
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Next Generation Scheduling With Optibus at Nassau Inter-County Express

Learn how Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) modernized its planning and scheduling software, and how such platforms help deal with the challenges many agencies are dealing with. While mobility solutions are driven by immense technology innovation, agencies and transit operators are dealing with driver shortages, ridership and efficiency challenges that require modern planning and scheduling technology.…
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What Shuttle Operators Need to Know About Planning and Scheduling

New platforms, made for fixed-route operations, are set to transform costs, performance and efficiencies. These platforms can also deliver significant operating improvements to shuttle operators. This webinar discusses the impact next-generation planning and scheduling platforms have on shuttle operations regardless of whether these are employee shuttles, airport services or any other form of shuttle-based transportation.…
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How Next Generation Scheduling Impacts Business

Just like new mobility alternatives are changing the game in the urban transit space, next generation scheduling carries enormous transformational potential. This Webinar addresses the differences of next-generation planning and scheduling platforms, covering a detailed case study to explain how these systems can transform and improve transit operations. You will learn: The 8 characteristics of…
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