Planning Your Transit Network

Take a free tour of Optibus Planning, with Q&A, to learn more about how to: Use strategic planning to improve transit equity and impact the community Plan and visualize your transit network and traffic corridors Adjust trips for frequency and headways Gain visibility into vehicle requirements and cost It’s time to bring passengers back to…
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Simplify the tendering process by integrating scheduled and on-demand services

On-demand transport and scheduled routes are often isolated in their own silos – and that causes inefficiency. Both public transport authorities and private operators lose out as a result. Public authorities and passengers lose out because the transport network is not designed holistically, and this harms service quality. And private operators lose out because the…
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How the transportation industry can make the most of 2021

It’s no secret that 2020 was a challenging year for the transportation industry. What should we expect from 2021, both globally and locally? And what can we do now to prepare for a better year ahead? Watch the recording of this webinar for a Q&A with our panelists. (To view it, stay on this page.)…
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