Ensure driver satisfaction, control overtime and workloads

Bringing speed to rostering

Optibus brings its super speed optimization to rostering, saving excessive manual work and allowing you to meet your business goals. The ability to optimize rosters quickly – in seconds or minutes – makes for better outcomes for drivers and the transit operation as a whole.

Easily set the rules and constraints that reflect your needs – from weekly route familiarity, day off patterns, overtime, guaranteed time, rest time between shifts and more.

Overtime Control and Quality Work for Drivers

Use Optibus rostering to create quality weekly shifts for drivers, ensuring their long term retention and satisfaction, while keeping operating costs under control. Address overtime, guaranteed time and uneven balancing of work hours (with some drivers having more hours and some less) simply and effectively.

Quick and easy

Our roster makes work simple and quick: just hover over a day or roster line for any action, from moving a duty to replacing it or re-ordering rosters. Want to assign a duty? hover over the relevant day and select a duty to assign – it’s that easy.

Roster groups and rotating rosters

Roster groups enable the creation of different types of rosters for different groups of drivers for example, new drivers vs. veteran drivers. Using advanced scheduling platforms allows schedulers to easily input different driver preferences and cater to a variety of driver needs within the specific roster group, while ensuring optimized results for each group separately and across the different groups.

Optibus supports the creation of rotating rosters, which create an equitable duty allocation for drivers and are simpler to maintain from the operational side.

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