The Optibus Platform

End to end planning and scheduling for fixed routes

Super Power, Super Speeds

Our algorithms and technology are truly powerful. Powerful enough for super-fast results. It takes minutes (or fractions of minutes) to create and evaluate complex scenarios that used to take hours or even days. With speed at your side, you can run many “what-if” scenarios in minutes, with ample time to evaluate all options. You can even do this daily, responding to changes in your fixed routes with optimal vehicle and crew schedules.

In fact, Optibus can uniquely perform both vehicle optimization (blocking) and driver optimization (run cutting) at the same time, delivering better optimization results and saving time.

Real Business Impact

Using its powerful technology, with Optibus you can model your transportation network (rules and preferences) at the most granular level. We can model any rule and preference, exactly the way it is. This doesn’t just generate a quality schedule for your fixed routes, it also highlights the business key performance indicators and cost data you need to make optimal schedule and cost decisions.

In fact, our customers have used our platform to generate significant cost savings, with better on-time performance.

Modern and Web-based

Optibus is a software-as-a-service platform, which means no IT effort, no hardware and continuous feature improvements.

With a modern user interface that’s easy to use, training won’t take long and work will immediately become more efficient.

Most importantly, our customers are up and running in days, not months.

Robust and Scalable

Optibus was built to support anything from the world’s most complex transit operations, to simpler, smaller systems. The platform can model any type of rule, union agreement, regulatory requirement, etc., across thousands of vehicles and drivers. Our customers use Optibus in large cities and even entire countries. This not only provides an accurate and actionable plan; it also saves scheduler time and effort and frees them to work on other areas in the business where their expertise is required.

Strong Analytics & Reporting for Data-Driven Decisions

On top of the built-in business key performance indicators, Optibus analytics lets schedulers and operations executives compare scenarios, publish reports or answer complex questions, turning your operation into a smart, data-driven business.

Optibus API 2.0

Enjoy greater control, flexibility, and ownership of your data through our fast, open API. Securely extract and save your data from Optibus’ Planning, Scheduling, Rostering, and Calendar, and easily upload it to the BI system of your choosing, or generate reports and protocols entirely on your own — without having to rely on one-off file-based integrations.


Gain a holistic calendar view of your operational plans, KPIs, upcoming service changes (e.g. special service days), and more for your desired time frame, all in one place — so you always know what’s ahead. You can conveniently view, manage, and analyze your high-level plans on a monthly or quarterly basis, or drill down into more granular-level data for each individual day.

Artificial Intelligence for On-Time Performance

Optibus leverages artificial intelligence and historical data to predict and analyze on-time performance. It then automatically generates running times to help you create better schedules. Better on-time-performance improves the reliability of your transit service – one of the main factors shown to increase ridership. Use automatic KPIs to see the cost and service impact of schedule changes instantly.

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