Planning and Scheduling for Electric Vehicles

Electrifying your public transportation fleet isn’t (only) about hardware choices

The electrification of public transportation may be slow, but it’s bound to happen. Most experts focus on “hardware” choices: the buses, batteries and chargers agencies and operators should purchase. It makes sense to ask those questions: EV deployments are expensive and there is a need to mitigate risks, to not discover that the ranges, charging requirements or vehicle count required for a given service is different than planned.

Indeed, what is often overlooked is the need for software to properly plan for and schedule EVs. EV planning and scheduling pose complex challenges.

Download this e-book to learn:

  • How to deal with "range anxiety" and "electric miles"
  • The algorithmic challenges of EV scheduling
  • Scheduling a mixed fleet made of both electric vehicles and traditional vehicles
  • Scheduling a 100% fleet and planning capacity, chargers, charging capacity and more
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