Case Study

RBU Santiago – Transdev improves service ranking and score with Optibus


Transdev’s biggest bus-only operation, RBU Santiago improved their service score and ranking for both frequency and regularity with the local transportation authority using Optibus’ software for Planning, Scheduling, Rostering and EV management.

The entire process took just six months, bringing better services to 70 million annual passengers across Santiago, Chile, and improving RBU’s operational performance indicators so that they became one of top operators within the capital’s transportation system. In the process, RBU Santiago improved their compliance with Chile’s metropolitan public transportation authority, the Directory of Metropolitan Public Transportation (DTPM). 

Challenges & Solutions

Fast onboarding in two weeks and ease of use

RBU Santiago approached Optibus looking to increase their operational efficiency and digitalize manual processes. 

Within just two weeks of onboarding, their team was already using parts of the Optibus platform with the help of our implementation team. 

Within another six months, Optibus’ Planning, Scheduling, and EV Scheduling products were fully implemented across all their operating areas in Santiago, helping RBU Santiago to achieve various KPIs including reducing emissions and planning for electric vehicles.

That fast roll-out meant RBU Santiago could start fully using Optibus’ software and seeing results at an accelerated pace. 

Improved service ranking and better collaboration with the municipality 

Within six months of using Optibus, RBU Santiago improved their frequency and regularity ranking and achieved one of the best frequency rankings in the city.

Faster work speeds and digitalization especially helped RBU Santiago in working with the transportation authority, DTPM, which had recently changed their timetables and needed new ones from RBU Santiago under very tight turnarounds.

“The speed of Optibus’ optimizations, plus the transparency and visibility it enables, made meeting our deadlines much less stressful. We couldn’t have kept pace without Optibus,”, said Rainier Rojas, Director of Operations of Transdev Chile, the parent company of RBU Santiago.


RBU Santiago’s improvements in ranking and score means their operation can contribute to more efficient and reliable public transportation in Santiago, Chile.

“Optibus has played a major role in improving our service performance,” said Rainier.

“Preferences were one of our main pain points before. Optibus Scheduling has made it much easier for us to configure settings and maneuver custom preferences to reflect our organization’s needs. We are also impressed with the platform’s speed and optimizations, which enhance our working relationship with the local transportation authority. Plus, all the frequent platform updates and addition of new features and capabilities means we always have instant access to the most advanced technologies for operating services,” Rainier added.