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What can next-gen scheduling do for public transport: a Webinar with Leon Daniels

Leon Daniels, formerly Head of Surface at Transport for London, discussed today’s current technologies for bus planning and scheduling and how next-gen technologies will be replacing them. 

Mobility is going through massive changes, driven by technology.  This webinar discussed the changes over the past few years, which made an impact on public transportation – both technological and behvioural. A case study presented demonstrates how next-gen technology impacted MV’s scheduling and planning. The latter third of the webinar included a live demonstration on where and how artificial intelligence for on-time performance fits in, and how analytics insights can be gained.

Register for the replay to learn about:

  • Decades in Transportation - which were most memorable?
  • Which changes have the most impact on transportation - social, personal, Flexi-work, night/day shifts?
  • How do other industries, outside of transportation, add value through collaboration?
  • Which technologies will be the game changers for mass transit?
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