Public Transportation in 2023: Making the impossible possible

In 2023, the public transportation industry worldwide faces a huge challenge: to make services passenger-centric and radically improve them while also trying to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and address workforce shortages. To achieve what may seem impossible requires new ways of thinking. What can be done and how can we do it?

These topics will be the focus of our upcoming Optibus Hub Executive Webinar Series.

The main focus for this webinar will be to examine the findings of our recent industry survey “Public Transportation 2023”, in which we surveyed hundreds of industry experts spanning 28 countries. Findings from the report surfaced 5 key priorities for the industry in 2023 and beyond as well as the role technology maturity can play in tackling these critical issues.

You’ll be able to view the recording on this page once you fill out the form.

Original webinar date: Wednesday, March 22th 2023