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Best practices for planning: setting the stage for quality schedules and operations even after COVID-19

Best practices for planning

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, transit agencies were forced to quickly change their planning, from routes to timetables and blocking. Yet many thorny questions remained unanswered: Are there enough buses and drivers to support social distancing? Are the funds used for third-party operators invested correctly?

This webinar will show how using sound planning practices can drive better insights, improved collaboration and more efficient operations.

Learn how to:
  • Apply planning techniques for dealing with passenger crowding
  • Make the necessary service changes to respond to changes in ridership and peak use post COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Gain insight into your vehicle requirements and efficiency metrics while still in the planning stage
  • Collaborate more effectively with private transit operators

Original webinar date: August 21, 2020 GMT

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