Unplanned traffic changes: Its impact and scheduling solutions


Unplanned traffic changes:  Its impact and scheduling solutions

We have all experienced an unplanned traffic change at one point or another. In fact, some may even experience this on a daily or hourly basis, depending on the time they spend traveling. The reasons vary and include: accidents, weather fluctuations (storms, snow, and rain), road blocks, heavy traffic (narrow roads with too many cars), holiday traffic, special events and more.


Who gets impacted by traffic changes? Practically everyone that moves from point A to point B.
Traffic deviations have an immediate impact on a very large circle of people including: travelers, private drivers, and especially on public transport operators (i.e. bus drivers) and schedule planners.


Today’s high-tech companies, including Google, are trying to help decrease the negative impact of unplanned traffic changes. They offer advanced navigation systems around those traffic jams and unplanned changes. The advanced mapping provide real-time updates and directions.


Transportation Schedulers – Most impacted!
Impacted by unexpected traffic changes at most are the transportation schedulers, normally responsible for: vehicle scheduling, load planning, route optimization, records management, and maintenance scheduling and fatigue management compliance. They need to be aware of logistic risks and assist in delivering profitable scheduling solution at all times.


Once an unanticipated change takes place, like a major route altering accident, the scheduler must solve it immediately. They need get notification of the problem, figure out which vehicle to send instead or in addition, decide if route alterations are possible, and notify the drivers of the corrective measures, while keeping costs low.


Real-Time assistance to schedulers and transportation operators
Optibus realized this problem and set out to solve it.
Optibus OnTime™ empowers public transportation operators to address problems that trigger bus delays, before they impact passengers. Optibus OnTime™ alerts operators about buses that might be late for their next trip, providing them with an option of handling the problem in real-time by re-adjusting the schedule and assigning alternative buses and drivers to those trips. The solution verifies that the dynamically created schedule is cost-effective and complies with all the pre-defined preferences, constraints, and regulation rules.


Contact Optibus today, and find out how this can be implemented at your site, or your customer’s site!

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