The Optibus Technology difference

Optibize™ is a proprietary, patent pending, real-time optimization technology, that was developed especially for the transportation industry. Optibize performs super-fast optimization of vehicles and drivers schedules, given unlimited number of preferences, constraints, and regulation rules. Optibize™ is the core technology that powers the different Optibus solutions.


The Optibus solution is all on the cloud:

  • No installation of software or hardware
  • Solution is always up-to-date
  • No maintenance procedures
  • No system administrator needed
  • Customers can be up and running in a couple of days
User Interface

Easy to use graphical user interface:

  • Accessible from anywhere using a browser
  • Localized to your own language and country
  • Intuitive, self explainable system
  • Unlimited number of constraints, preferences, and regulation rules
  • Easy to use, and to add, KPI’s – to help evaluate all customer’s schedules
  • Easy integration to other systems
  • AVL, Fleet Management, Dispatching, Planning