Optibus for Mining Companies

An end-to-end solution to all your mass transportation needs

Mining operations often involve the creation and provision of quality mass transportation services. You need to efficiently provide service in a large area, from mining locations, villages and travel hubs, ensuring workers and residents can get where they need to be. Mass transportation operations, using buses and vans, require you to define and setup routes and timetables, and use the right number of drivers and vehicles to provide the service. You also need to ensure that operations are compliant with work and safety rules, and that service is reliable and on-time.

Yet, to succeed in the provision of mass transportation, you need to allocate drivers and vehicles like a pro. Operating costs, driver-related costs and vehicle requirements can be reduced and better managed through optimization, saving significant costs and improving the service at the same time.

A next generation platform

Using Optibus, you can model your transportation network, create optimal routes, timetables and vehicle schedules as well as improve working conditions for drivers. Check many scenarios until you settle on the optimal one, by immediately seeing the business implications of any change in service. Deploy cost savings achieved with better scheduling into a better and more frequent service in leading routes.

Why Optibus?

  • A cloud-based system with a simple workflow to define routes and timetables
  • Advanced optimization algorithms to model your network, check scenarios and choose the best option
  • Simple to onboard and train your employees
  • Constant innovation that is deployed to all users, such as dealing with electric vehicles and more
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