It’s Time for On-Time Performance

Stop guessing and start scheduling for on-time performance

On-time performance is the basic commitment to passengers and one of the more important drivers of long-term ridership. 

Prior to Optibus, on-time performance was guesstimated, using averages of historical performance, rules of thumb and surveying techniques. This did not give mass transit providers the control they need over the passenger experience and over the transit network as a whole.


Optibus’ technology, using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, takes the guesswork out of on-time performance. It allows mass transit providers to simply and easily create plans and schedules that improve on-time performance, with an advance understanding of the resulting costs and requirements. Here’s how:


Predict on-time performance

Using artificial intelligence and historical data, Optibus can predict the likelihood that each vehicle trip will be performed on-time. This data is used to calculate on-time performance for the entire schedule as well as for its parts.


Automated scheduling suggestions

Using the data, Optibus OnTime suggests scheduling changes that will increase on-time performance, automatically, so you can arrive at the desired on-time performance target. Cost and business KPIs are constantly shown and used, so that the trade-offs for on-time performance are accurately reflected.

Use our analytics to do more

Optibus on-time analytics takes the massive data available to mass transit providers – ticketing, AVL and more – and creates the reports and insights needed to manage on-time performance.