Optibus OnTime


Better on-time-performance is required to grow ridership and provide better service. However, the ability to achieve timely performance and to analyze its implications has been limited until now. Optibus changes this by leveraging machine learning and historical data to predict and analyze on-time performance, enabling operators to significantly improve their offering, resulting in better operations, on time.

Ensure on-time performance

Accurate delay prevention and prediction

Reduced penalties

Control service quality, from the outset

Measurable metrics for analyzing on-time performance

Analyze on time performance and cost and resource implications

Easy to use

Intuitive changes to preferences and constraints, in your own language

Cloud Based Solution

Always up-to-date with new functionality added regularly. No installation or IT resources needed

“On-time performance is a top priority for our passengers, as well as our company. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve our offerings and provide better passenger service. The public transportation market needs solutions such as Optibus OnTime, which helps to predict and optimize on-time performance. We value our partnership with Optibus and look forward to expanding it by using their newest OnTime solution to have a positive impact on our service.”

Dirk Schniedermeier, Chief Technology Officer, Keolis Transit America

About Optibus

Based on proprietary optimization algorithms, Optibus provides an interactive and dynamic cloud based platform that enables public transportation operators to optimize resource allocation and improve the transport experience, while saving millions of dollars annually. Serving customers in 5 continents and over 200 cities, Optibus is leading the market with solutions that generate immediate value to operators and passengers alike.