Automatically generate running times

Use artificial intelligence to improve the reliability of your service – and its appeal to riders.

Prior to Optibus, on-time performance was guesstimated, using averages of historical performance, rules of thumb and surveying techniques. This did not give mass transit providers the control they need over the passenger experience and over the transit network as a whole.

Optibus’ technology, using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, takes the guesswork out of on-time performance. It allows mass transit providers to simply and easily create plans and schedules that improve on-time performance, with an advance understanding of the resulting costs and requirements. Here’s how:

Predict on-time performance

Using artificial intelligence and historical data, Optibus can predict the likelihood that vehicles will reach their stops on time. This data is used to calculate on-time performance for the entire schedule and for each trip.


Generate running times

Using Optibus’ automatically generated running times, you can base your timetables and schedules on your own data and the realities of daily operation, to keep vehicles from arriving at stops too early or too late. Use automatic KPIs to see the cost and service impact of schedule changes instantly.

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