World Economic Forum: 8 ways entrepreneurs are fighting COVID-19

Behind the achievements of those working on the COVID-19 front line there are many organizations and entrepreneurs doing what they can to help. Across the globe, these companies are using everything from software and robotics to good old-fashioned cooperation to fight against the disease.

Streetsblog NYC: What Does Social Distancing Mean for Public Transit?

Today, coronavirus has shaken up public transportation — fares have been eliminated, people are being asked to avoid it, ridership is down. And some places have put limits on bus occupancy to maintain social distancing — so maybe two buses will be needed instead of one, which is still better than 33 cars. But the…

Forbes: Keeping everyone healthy – listening and being helpful during times of crisis

The first quarter of 2020 has been truly transformational, as COVID-19 brought immense change in a matter of weeks. Employees of Optibus, the startup I co-founded, have been working from home for weeks now; trade shows have been canceled, and the industry we serve — mass transportation — is reeling from ridership declines and service…

Metro: Helping transit agencies create a COVID-19 exit strategy at no cost

Different cities, regions, and countries were hit by the COVID-19 outbreak at varying times and instituted changes to their transportation systems at different points and in different ways. Now that parts of the world are considering the next stage of managing the pandemic — how to gradually reverse lockdown and revive the economy while attempting…
Metro - covid-19

Metro: How are agencies making service changes in the wake of coronavirus?

These days, browsing through any transit agency site will tell you one basic truth: everything is changing quickly. Two weeks ago, agencies began posting notices about increased sanitation measures, and a week later there was a deluge of announcements: service changes, more service changes, backdoor boarding, no fares, and more. And when this is over (and I believe coronavirus will be over), these same service changes will need to be reversed gradually, creating more flux.
Covid-19 contingencies

SmartCitiesDive: How to adapt public transit to COVID-19 contingencies

Public transit has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in cities around the world. While the impact has been extensive – ridership has declined as much as 90% for some services — the radically altered position of public transit goes beyond economics; it actually turns some of our core beliefs about transit on their heads.
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