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Next Generation Scheduling With Optibus at Nassau Inter-County Express

Learn how Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) modernized its planning and scheduling software, and how such platforms help deal with the challenges many agencies are dealing with.

While mobility solutions are driven by immense technology innovation, agencies and transit operators are dealing with driver shortages, ridership and efficiency challenges that require modern planning and scheduling technology. Jon Feldman, NICE’s Director of Planning and Scheduling, will discuss the effect of adopting new platforms and digital transformation. 

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Jon Feldman NICE

Jon Feldman, Director of Planning & Scheduling at NICE 

Jon Feldman is Director of Planning and Scheduling at NICE Bus in Garden City, NY. He has previously worked for two New York MTA agencies, and Miami-Dade Transit, where he began his career as a bus operator. He is passionate about innovative Transit, Operations and Logistics. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Penn State.