First Transit Leads Innovation with Technology Solutions for Transit Agencies


First Transit Leads Innovation with Technology Solutions for Transit Agencies

In line with First Transit’s position in innovation, the company has announced partnerships with three technology solution companies: Optibus, Bishop Peak Technology and Geotab. These partnerships improve the quality of information available to help transit customers manage and enhance their operations through real-time insight into vehicle and driver performance.

  • Optibus uses advanced data analytics to reduce the time required to develop and improve the reliability of schedules while optimizing driver and vehicle hours.
  • Bishop Peak Technology gives a comprehensive data-driven system to manage service making immediate schedule changes to alleviate disruption. It serves as foundational technology to push notifications to riders’ mobile devices, transit websites and available smart signage at transit stops.
  • Geotab provides a complete view of vehicle information, trip history, vehicle idle times, and facilitates dispatching capabilities within the Bishop Peak application.

“Partnerships like these allow First Transit to provide our customers access to integrated, actionable data to improve operational efficiency and the passengers’ experience,” said Christina Bock, director of operations support at First Transit. “Our customers are looking for solutions. As transit technology experts and consultants, we want to provide those solutions.”

First Transit has started to install these technologies at locations across North America.

To learn more, contact us by clicking here or meet Optibus experts at the American Public Transportation Association Expo  (APTA) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, from October 8 through October 11 at booth #1725

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