Generating COVID-19 Contingency Plans For Transit Operations

With the COVID-19 virus disrupting the movement of people around the world, we’ve been getting requests from Optibus customers about how to prepare contingency plans to deal with the challenges posed by the pandemic. Hard decisions will need to be made about reducing service in ways that cause the least harm in the present, with …

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Helping Transit Agencies Prepare for COVID-19 With No-Cost Contingency Plans

Movement in and between cities is being reduced around the world in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving public transit agencies to figure out how best to provide transit service while minimizing the spread of the virus and contending with expected drops in ridership and driver availability.

Here at Optibus, we have employees who are quarantined and are dealing with the severe disruption COVID-19 has on our work. We have received numerous requests from transit agencies to help create contingency plans.

We’d like to help.

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