About the Metronit

Over 250,000 riders travel on Israel’s northern routes – including the cities of Haifa, Nesher, and Krayot. Over the years, this created major overload of cars and buses, which added to the congestion and overall pollution in the area. To mend the situation the Israeli Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a tender for a “Bus Rapid Transit”, or the “Metronit” as it is called locally. The goal was to improve capacity and reliability compared to a conventional bus system. The Tender’s main characteristics were:


  • Vehicles – New, hybrid, spacious vehicles, with 4 doors, carrying up to 110 people at a time
  • Routes – New routes and dedicated lanes
  • Technology – Smart stations, smart-card usage, easy access to disabled, and real-time information on bus schedules

The Challenge

As with most transportation tenders, revenue margins are tight, and the company was looking to operate more efficiently and minimize overall costs. The main path to increasing profit was reducing deadhead trips, minimizing duty count, and balancing the weekly hours. The previous schedule optimization solution un use was a self-developed software. It was time consuming to operate as it required significant manual operation and attention.

“I work with Optibus OnSchedule™ on a weekly basis. The solution is cloud based, which means I can work anytime and from anywhere. In addition, the schedule optimization is amazingly fast – producing holiday/weekday/weekend schedules, adapting to driver needs, regulation, traffic jams or ongoing construction. I can try and test various scenarios in a matter of minutes, and choose the best option.”
Eran Shurki, Operations Room Manager, Dan North



Dan North, like almost all other domestic bus operators, decided to start using the Optibus solution. Following a few meetings, the solution was up and running – delivering astonishing results.


Astonishing Results Right from the Start
  • $3M overall yearly savings
  • $3,188 savings per vehicle, per month
  • 20% less duties
  • Eliminate duties shorter than 3 hours
    Decrease deadhead trips by 660 km per day
  • Less 60 hours in paid time per day
  • Dynamically react to changes and new requirements
  • Competitive edge with bidding for future tenders
“It’s important for us to provide the best transit solution to the public, and we invest tremendous efforts in making the Metronit the ultimate available transit solution. To remain profitable, we always look at operating more efficiently, which means cutting costs, but not at the expense of our drivers”
Shay Malka, VP, Dan North