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The Optibus Blog

Thoughts about scheduling, planning, mass transit, technology, algorithms and more.

2019 In Transportation Innovation At Optibus

  Hop aboard to see a few of the ways we brought innovation to mass transit in 2019. Sneak a peek at one of our 2020 highlights at the bottom. This year we made it possible to plan routes directly on up-to-date maps that integrate with the timetable, enabled multiroute planning to improve service and…

How Rosters Make A Huge Operational Difference

Roster optimization can drive efficiencies, save pay time and improve driver satisfaction. Most importantly, it reduces the ratio of overtime/total paid time, potentially saving 2-5% of all labor-related operating expenses. Rosters also have a profound impact on operators: how many routes they drive, start times, days off, a 4-day or 5-day workweek and more. It’s…
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