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Optibus Partners with GreenRoad on the First Safety-Driven Planning System in Public Transportation

The partnership brings safety data to the early stages of transportation planning for increased passenger comfort and satisfaction Optibus, a market-leading software platform for public transportation planning, scheduling, and rostering, is partnering with GreenRoad Technologies, the safety telematics leader, to increase passenger safety and comfort by bringing historical road safety data into the earliest phases…
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What Mobility for Life Means to Optibus

Public transport is central to life. It's central to cities. It connects people to opportunities. We at Optibus firmly believe that better public transport will not only lead to more sustainable, thriving cities — it can also vastly improve the overall quality of life for their residents. That said, unfortunately, many of us tend to take public transit and mobility access for granted...

Arriva Italia Intensifies Focus on Zero Emissions and Digital Transformation Through Use of Optibus to Improve Quality and Sustainability of Transport Services

Italiano Arriva Italia, Italy’s largest private bus operator and the Italian holding of leading pan-European transport company Arriva, is intensifying its focus on digital transformation through the use of Optibus’ AI platform for public transport. Arriva Italia, which manages public transport services for 2,500 vehicles and over 100 million kilometers, is poised to use Optibus’…

Optibus Helps Public Transit Industry Transition to Post-COVID Travel With No-Cost ‘Build Back Better’ License for Planning and Scheduling

To get a no-cost Build Back Better license, register here by July 30, 2021, subject to availability. Transit agencies and operators worldwide are now eligible for a 3-month, no-cost Build Back Better license for digital planning, scheduling, and rostering products from the AI transit planning platform Optibus as part of the company’s COVID recovery program.…
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