Optibus is passionate about the future of mass transit – we want more people to use it, and we believe it should take center stage as the world of mobility changes around us.

Our vision is to be the technology engine behind better and more efficient means of mass transit, making it the first choice for passengers and cities alike.

Our technology is at the center of making this happen, with a unique combination of AI and optimization algorithms,  since better scheduling and operations make for better mass transit service, for all. We’re a well-funded startup that’s quickly becoming a leader in the space – and our culture reflects this: we like fun and super smart people, and we’re pretty serious about making mass transit radically better.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Tel Aviv

About The Position

Optibus is looking for a senior Full Stack Engineer to join our R&D team in the challenge of moving the world smarter. We are looking for an experienced professional with superb interpersonal skills, software engineering background and good understanding of web architecture.

We at Optibus are building the platform that plans and manages the entire operation of mass passenger transportation and already manage the transportation of millions across the world. We are looking for highly capable people that are motivated to make a change in the public transportation domain.

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer you will have end-to-end responsibility of features from the DB level (Mongo), through backend business logic (Node.js), create RESTful APIs, all the way to web frontend. You will work with UI/UX designers to transform designs to live pages, as well as backend architects and product managers to have a great impact on our product.


  • 8+ years of hands-on experience in building user-facing web applications
  • Experience with UI frameworks such as Ember, Angular, React or Vue. We use Ember and found it's great!
  • Experienced with backend development using one or more of Node, Python, Java, Scala, Go, C#
  • Expert understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 and fluent in turning graphic design to live web app, and a passion for building great user experience
  • Pro knowledge of Javascript
  • BS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related domains. Alternatively, significant experience with production grade products or army service in technological unit
  • Excellency record in army service / academic studies / prior roles
  • A great team player and able to function in a fluid environment with minimal guidance and supervision
  • Must be hyper pragmatic in solution selection and engineering approach

It will be great if you have:

  • Experience using modern Javascript stack e.g. Webpack, Redux, scss, Jasmine
  • Familiarity with AWS or an alternative cloud environment
  • Experienced in Agile methodologies and CI/CD processes
  • Experience in the mobility domain

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