Luther Wynder

Optibus allows us to experiment with multiple scenarios, quickly and as many times as needed, until we figure out the optimal network that makes transit efficient and accessible for all our communities

Unathi Mxatule

Optibus came as a blessing in disguise for us. We now have this one umbrella that synchronizes everything for us and it works wonders.

Stuart Thomas

Optimizations are fast and relatively simple to set up with flexible preferences. Because of this, our team runs many optimizations, using the workflow we were aiming for and generating great business results.

Angelo Costa

Optibus is an agent of change, and Arriva Italia is excited to partner with Optibus as we embrace the future of public transport together.

Rafael Shinji Fernandes Arake

One of the main things Optibus helps with is that the workflow is much, much faster than what we had before, from planning and scheduling to rosters.